The year was 1895 when Louis Lipsitz began a small recycling operation on Bridge Street, near the banks of the Brazos River in Waco, Texas.  The business of the day was buying and selling scrap copper, iron, brass, rubber, glass, and animal hides and bones.

In 1933, Melvin Lipsitz Sr. joined his father, Louis Lipsitz, and together they relocated the business to the corner of Franklin and First streets in downtown Waco.  Melvin married Thelma Sheff in 1935, and for fifteen years the two of them worked together in the business as their family grew with the births of their son, Melvin, Jr., and daughter, Lynne.

Requiring more space, the operation eventually grew into its 20 acre headquarters at 100 Elm Street in Waco, Texas.   The Company has eventually grown to 10 Recycling operations and a Waste Hauling operation. 

For many generations, M. Lipsitz & Co LTD has built a reputation on integrity, a safe work place, and competitive pricing, while maintaining a responsibility to the environment.